Review | Twelve Bells by B.B. Leslie (@bridgettleslie)

11 October 2016


Pages: 49

In her struggle to heal the emotional torment caused by her ex-fiancé, Lynette Frank attends a speed-dating event to give herself a psychological edge in her quest to find the right man. Each man she meets challenges her to fully resurrect her dating life. But is it all too much too soon?

I was contacted by Bridgett to review her book, a novella set during a speed dating evening. It's a very short novella and only takes half an hour or so to read but it's thoroughly enjoyable! 

It's told from Lynette's POV as she meets 12 men at the event and you get to see their interactions. I loved reading the variation of the different men and seeing her reaction to them and gauging their thoughts on her. I have never been speed dating and I found this book and its setting highly entertaining and it has kind of made me want to try speed dating! 

I loved to see the Lynette coming out of her shell as the evening went on and her confidence grew. It was lovely to read and watch unfold and every man she talks to is so different. I found myself chuckling as I read it. 

Twelve Bells was a great, fun read and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a romance book that is enjoyable and a quick read.

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