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04 October 2016

Read on to find out all you need to know about the Ninja Book Box, a new quarterly subscription box being run by Bex who blogs over at An Armchair Over By The Sea.

Bex has also written a guest post for me all about her love of organising, in her own words, "crazy things on the internet".

About Ninja Book Box:

Ninja Book Box is a new quarterly box shipping worldwide from the UK and featuring books published by independent publishers. We aim to introduce excellent books (both backlist and new releases) particularly those which our team & the publishers we work with feel haven't received the recognition they deserve, and help you find favourites in genres you wouldn't necessarily pick up for yourselves. Supporting primarily UK based small businesses, each box will contain a book (often signed by the author & with additional material) plus at least two gift items and lots of other fun extras and will take its theme from the book. We want to support excellence and promote exploration and discovery in all aspects of the box. Subscribers will also gain access to lots of additional community perks. For more information sign up to our newsletter, or check out our website for details of how to get the first box!  

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Guest Post from Bex:

I’m Bex, and I’m here to talk to you about an addiction I have. It’s been enabled by positive reinforcement, and it keeps me awake at night, scribbling in refill pads, making crazy plans. It’s called internet facilititis* and its symptoms include running an international book swap and asking bookish twitter if it wants to come book shopping with you!

I guess you could say that it all started waaaaay back in January of 2011 when I decided to start a book blog to keep track of what I read. Fully expecting nobody to ever read it, I was propelled head first into the discovery of the book blogging community. I started exchanging comments with other bloggers and thus the idea of ‘knowing people on the internet’ was born in my head. A couple of years later and I had a firm little group of blogging friends, and one of my friends and I were talking about how much we’d loved the blogger secret santa we’d participated in and how we didn’t want to wait for Christmas for another one (this was in May), and we came up with the concept of the Ninja Book Swap. This was before either of us was on twitter and we didn’t even have a dedicated blog for the swap, we just advertised it via our own blogs and hoped for the best! That first swap we had ten participants I think, including our other three blogging friends and a couple of my sisters. Sign up just closed for the ninth full swap and I’m fully confident of a lot more than ten!

Honestly the swap is pretty much entirely responsible for all the ensuing madness, because its success filled me with confidence. I decided I should arrange to meet up with one of the friends I’d made through blogging, and then another one happened to be in the area and so tagged along and they were (and remain) both excellent humans and so my confidence grew. It took me a few years to meet all five of them but meet all of them I did and the other southerners (the Northerners are harder to get to geographically and have busier schedules so we see less of each other, but we text) and I now meet up regularly and I count them among my closest friends in real life.

Because of all that, when the idea of going on a bookshop crawl of independent bookshops in London popped into my head (as ideas are prone to doing) I thought ‘hey, why not invite all the booklovers I’ve chatted to on twitter to come along too?’, so I did and then they invited people and the word spread, as twitter intended it to, and I ended up going book shopping with about 28 other (mostly) strangers. They were lovely and it was excellent and then I did it again in Bath in August and that was excellent too and I pretty much couldn’t be more entrenched in the school of ‘lets use the internet to do this crazy thing and see what happens’.

Thus when I was looking for a book box amongst all the excellent book boxes out there that provided a way to discover more indie titles from a variety of different genres, along with awesome cool stuff and couldn’t find any (at least with shipping costs that weren’t prohibitive!) the idea of starting my own book box (with two under fives, a husband I already don’t see enough of and a part time job already) popped into my head and I didn’t immediately dismiss it as crazy. Instead I asked twitter. Oh twitter, how much excellence in my life you are responsible for. People seemed to like the idea, and people kept reminding me about this thing I’d said I’d do, and so I thought I should probably do it. I launched a Kickstarter and the excellence of the twitter and real life people I surround myself with meant it got funded in less than 48 hours. People have bought the first box and I have to pull off this crazy, internet enabled thing once again. I’m as confident as I was all those other times... It’s going to be great!

In all seriousness, the internet gets a lot of bad press for taking up too much of our time, making us unable to focus and being generally full of negativity and drama, but I don’t think it gets enough for all the amazing projects it enables, friendships it makes and communities it forms. Although I can’t claim it for myself yet, the internet builds businesses and provides careers and so,so much inspiration. It makes it easy to find your people and to be totally carried away by an idea. I use TED talks to get inspired by gorgeous, ingenious, word-bettering people and ideas, blogger and twitter to communicate my thoughts and share my ideas, and Pinterest to gather those ideas together and make my thoughts more coherent. Oh, and Google forms to find out what people think about stuff. Since the success of my own campaign I’ll also be using Kickstarter to support other people’s crazy, excellent ideas!

To join in the Ninja Book Box fun and discover brilliant indie things check out the website to sign up to the newsletter & enter the giveaway for a free box!**

*(not a real medical term)

**if you win the giveaway but are already receiving the first box as a Kickstarter reward you can either get a second copy of the first box for someone else or you can redeem the February box for free!


Enter below to win a Ninja Book Box! This is an international giveaway run by Bex. Like Bex said above, if you win the giveaway but you're already receiving the first box you can either get a second copy of the first box for someone else or you can redeem the February box for free!

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