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23 September 2016

The Autumn Ninja Book Swap is now open for signs up! 

Now, what is the Autumn Ninja Book Swap I hear you say? Well, it is an amazing thing thought up by Bex over at An Armchair by the Sea. In essence, you sign up and you're given the details of a fellow swapper who you then go out and put together a parcel with a book they would like to read (don't worry! You're provided with a wish list) and some gifts that you pick based on the likes/dislikes they provided when they signed up! 

It is so much fun and such an awesome thing to be involved in. I took part about a year ago for the first time and I had so much fun putting together a parcel for my swapper and receiving mine. I got some lovely goodies:

Sign Up Dates: 
17th September - 2nd October

Useful Links:

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