Review | Let's Be Just Friends by Camilla Isley (@camillaisley)

10 July 2016


Publisher: Pink Bloom Press
Pages: 127

What if the man you’ve always loved isn’t the right one for you?

Rose Atwood has been in love with her best friend since she was twelve years old. The only problem is, he's the biggest player to have ever landed on Earth. Rose has waited forever for Tyler to grow up, all the while keeping her feelings under wraps for fear of getting hurt.

But after watching Tyler go through girl after girl, Rose has lost hope he’ll ever change. Being Tyler's best friend is becoming more difficult with every passing year and every new woman in his life—especially when the girlfriend du jour is Georgiana, a snotty, beautiful girl who’s in Law School with them and who never leaves Tyler's side.

When Rose, dumped by her long-term boyfriend, moves temporarily into Tyler’s apartment, tension spikes. Georgiana wants Rose out of the house. Rose wants Georgiana out of Tyler’s life. And Tyler … well, he doesn’t really know what he wants.

As an unexpected argument brings Rose and Tyler closer than they’ve ever been, they must decide if there’s more to their relationship than being just friends. And they must do it quickly, as Georgiana is determined to do everything in her power to keep Tyler and Rose apart. After all, all is fair in love and war.

Will Rose make a leap of faith and trust Tyler with her heart?

Will Tyler make the right choice, or will he be too late?

Let's Be Just Friends is a fast paced, captivating novella that will keep you glued to the pages with humor, heartbreak, and romance. It's a story about friendship, love, and the choices we make.

This is the third of Camilla's books I have read and like the other three, I throughly enjoyed it. Rose and Tyler have been friends since they were kids, are both at Harvard and, following Rose's split from her boyfriend, Marcus, have been living together much to the disdain of Georgiana, Tyler's girlfriend. 

The book starts with them being just friends but one night they sleep together and their relationship changes forever. What follows isn't your usual old friends story and I loved that. This book didn't go how I expected it to at all and that's so refreshing. 

Over the course of the book we hear from all four of the central characters (Rose, Tyler, Georgiana and Ethan) so we get to see how they are all feeling and how the book's events are affecting them. I read this book in pretty much one sitting and I loved how complex and well developed the characters were considering this is a novella. We got to see a lot of them and I loved the love triangle concept too, it was well written and thought out. 

The fact that we also saw Rose dating Georgiana's brother, Ethan, was awesome too! That was a really surprising addition to the story and worked really well. I started out thinking I was going to land up hating him but I honestly loved the guy. I genuinely saw him as a better outcome for Rose than Tyler could ever have been. She needed that outside and older influence without even knowing it. 

I did wonder about halfway through where this was going to go and I was pleasantly surprised. Camilla has taken the rule book for love triangles and old friendships and rewritten it which, like I said earlier, was so refreshing. She took a concept that could have been so predictable from start to end and shook it up until you had no idea what way it was going to go. 

This is a story about saving friendships and starting new relationships with some scandalous behaviour thrown in and I honestly loved the ending. It just felt right even if it wasn't how some of the characters saw their lives landing up and I loved how Camilla gave them the ending that was fitting for them rather than the ending that would have been predictable and even expected.

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