Review | The Keeper by Rebecca E. Neely (@Crossing_Realms)

26 June 2016


Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Pages: 194
Nick Geary, jaded clan leader of human guardians the Keepers, is doomed to love a human woman who’s forgotten him, time after time, for thirteen years: Libby Klink, a skittish accountant who’s as terrified of her recent and strange intuitions as she is of her mundane existence.

When Nick is ordered by the clan’s guiding force to seek Libby’s help in defending the clan against enemy Betrayers, romance sizzles as the pair forms an unlikely alliance in their desperate search to discover the key to the clan’s salvation—which Libby alone holds.

But a haunting secret could cost Nick everything, and in a race against time, both will be forced to choose between their hearts and duty. Can their love, and the clan survive, or will the very forces that drew them together ultimately destroy them?

A few week's ago, Rebecca contacted me with details of her latest release, The Keeper and as soon as I read the summary I wanted to read it. The Keeper meets the books I love to read to a tee and its been far too long since I have read a book in this genre. 

When the book opens, we meet Libby, a young accountant who isn't confident and is all over the place. She's running late for work and then Nick, a Keeper appears before her, the source of her inability to get to work and he has knowledge that is going to turn her world and who she knows herself to be upside down.

I loved the world Rebecca created in this book, the whole premise of Keepers, who exist to help humans in their times of need and Betrayers who are the opposite to Keepers and are out to destroy the world and the Watchers, those who help the Keepers do their job. I love the idea, that we all have someone who looks after us and watches our backs, almost like guardian angels and that they face an evil that want to end all their good endeavours. 

As soon as Libby meets Nick everything changes and they go on a whirlwind journey together that leads to Libby finding out she isn't what she always thought she was and the revelation that the Keepers need her to help them defeat the evil they face who has managed to do the unthinkable. As soon as we met Nick, I could tell there was an undeniable pull between him and Libby and I wanted to see them together, they are just perfect for each other and I was rooting for the both of them. 

I really loved seeing Libby progress and grow, she starts off being unsure and unconfident in herself and in the end she realises that she can use these tools for good and they will help her help the Keepers and Nick. She is slowly accepted into the fold by Nick's family (who are equally as awesome as Nick is) and they help train her up to face what is coming. 

I loved the build up to the finale of this book and seeing Libby do something she never thought she would able to and gain a new family out of it after so long being alone and without anyone. I can't wait to see where Rebecca takes this series and will certainly be reading the next book when it comes out and I hope we get to see lots more of Libby and Nick in it. 

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