Review | A Home In Sunset Bay by Rebecca Pugh (@beccasbooksUK)

27 February 2016


Publisher: Carina

There’s no place like home…

Enough is enough! The always perfect Laurie Chapman had jumped in her car and raced as fast as she could from London heading to Sunset Bay and (she hopes!) the open arms of her estranged sister…

Mia Chapman loves running Dolly’s Diner in the picture-perfect coastal Cornish town of Sunset Bay. Now that her and Grandma Dolly’s dream is finally a reality Mia has never been prouder! Until Laurie suddenly turns up on her doorstep… How can she forgive the sister who walked away?

Once upon a time Mia and Laurie were best friends. Back together after so long, the time has come for the sisters to figure out what went so wrong all those years ago – and whether they can ever put it right!

This is Rebecca's second book and I loved it as much as I loved her first one, Return to Bluebell Hill. In A Home in Sunset Bay, we follow the lives of two sisters who, after years of being estranged, are reunited when Laurie, the elder sister, decides to leave her job and London for six months to come back to Sunset Bay.

Laurie and Mia are polar opposites, or so you think when the book opens, but they are more similar than they think and I really loved that. They both ultimately want the same thing deep down and Sunset Bay is the best place for them to be. 

I absolutely adored reading this book and getting to see Laurie not only reunite with her sister but find herself after years and years of being the person that was expected of her. That part of the story really struck a cord with me and I loved that Laurie took the leap and did the unthinkable. It takes a lot of guts to do what she did and that was one of the things I take away from this book, sometimes you have to take the leap into the unknown and just go for it. 

I forgot how beautifully Rebecca writes and her descriptions are absolutely stunning. I could close my eyes after reading her descriptions and just picture myself in the world and among the characters she introduced in this novel. That, to me, is the mark of a great writer and you can tell reading this book just how much better Rebecca has developed as an author. 

I can't review this book without mentioning Cal and Marco, these guys had my heart in this book. Cal had it from the moment he stood up for Mia when Laurie first turned up and Marco later on once he began to soften and open up thanks to Laurie.

Cal is a total sweetheart but I wanted to hit him at the start for being so blind to Mia's feelings for him but he redeemed himself and proved to be an amazing partner to Mia. He drops everything to help Mia when Laurie realises someone from her past has come to get her back in the worst way possible. He always has Mia's back and they truly are meant for each other.  

Every time Mia was with Cal and Laurie with Marco I enjoyed every minute and what Cal does for Mia at the end is the cutest thing ever. So sweet and thoughtful! 

I also loved the central setting of the diner and that, in the end, it was the diner and the girl's grandma who brought them back together and helped Laurie start her life afresh when she realises what was hidden from her by their mother. It was like their grandma was looking out for them. 

Of course, this is ultimately about two sisters moving forward after being misled and estranged and getting to see them become not only sisters again but friends. I really think Mia was exactly the person Laurie needed in her life at that time and one of the reasons Laurie realised that the best thing for her was Sunset Bay. 

One of my favourite scenes is in the diner when Laurie finally stands up to her mother and I was behind her 110%! I wanted her to get the answers she needed and I was right there cheering her on, 

I cannot wait to see what Rebecca's next book will be but I know one thing for sure: I will definitely be reading it whatever it is! 

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