Review | Something Beautiful by Jamie McGuire (@JamieMcGuire)

03 January 2016


Publisher: Jamie McGuire LLC
Pages: 160

America Mason, a sassy undergrad at Eastern State University, is in love with a Maddox--Shepley Maddox. Unlike his cousins, Shepley is more lover than fighter, but a road trip to her parents' home in Wichita, Kansas could mean the next step, or the end of everything.

Something Beautiful is a novella in the Beautiful series (the original two books follow the story of Abby and Travis as they fall in love and become a couple despite everything being against them). They both have best friends, Shepley and America, who also get together in the course of the boks and this novella follows them. 

It picks up at the vow renewal America throws for Abby and Travis where Shepley proposes, America thinks he's proposing to solve a problem so says no and we then jump a year and there seems to be a distance between the two and they aren't communicating which makes it harder to fix.

I loved Shepley and America in the other books in this series but I found it hard to connect to them in this one, I'm not sure why but I just couldn't fall in love with them. I'll be honest, I didn't particular enjoy the first half of this book, and I nearly gave up but I kept going.

I much preferred the second half and wanted to know that they find each other again and I loved that while they were searching for end other in the aftermath of the tornado they both had someone there for them to help guide them. They both needed that and I really think Shepley would've got himself killed going out to search for America again if he hadn't had that support.

Oh and the ending? So. Much. Cute. Travis is there and Abby and how it ends is just perfect for both couples and I loved getting to see that moment! 

All in all, this wasn't an amazing novella but it was saved for me by the second half which I really enjoyed reading. 

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