Review | Santa Flies a Bushplane: A Christmas Revelation by Lance Brodie

27 December 2015


Pages: 16

An Alaskan boy finds several large Christmas packages lying in the snow, clearly fallen out of Santa's sleigh. It's the day before Christmas, and that means Lance has very little time to chase down Santa and see the presents delivered as intended. Because what's inside the boxes is more important than just toy trains and dolls, and Santa's trail will also lead to an important personal discovery.

I first read the Christmas novella about four years ago and loved it. It's a quick read, just half an hour, but it's a joy to read.

Lance stumbles across some presents in a field near his home which he is convinced Santa lost on his way around the world delivering presents. His curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to open them but once he has he realises these boxes are much more than presents, they contain much needed medical supplies.

What follows is a joyous read, Lance put the presents on a snowmobile and goes on an adventure to deliver the presents where they belong. This adventure takes him all the way to Russia and I loved reading it again, it's such a lovely Christmas story. If you want to read something that is bound to make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy this is the novella to read.

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