Review | The Record of My Heart by Georgina Guthrie (@georgey_girl)

21 March 2015


Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Pages: 121

Daniel Grant desperately wants Aubrey Price, a woman he can't have–at least not for two long months. He could give up and walk away, but he won't. Following in his grandfather's footsteps, he wait.

And while he waits...he writes.

Through a series of journals and letters, The Record of my Heart traces Daniel's romantic contemplations, what he calls "the secret musing of a man tumbling headfirst in love..."

First things first, let me just reform from the pile of swoony goo that I currently am...

Right then...

If you've read my reviews for a while you'll know how much I adore The Weight of Words series! It is one of my all time favourite book series and I just love Daniel and Aubrey. Every book is amazing and as the series progressed just got better and better. I loved them so much the series is in my favourite books page on this site. 

Poppet and her Sailor. Sailor and his Poppet...

When I heard that a companion novella was being released I SQUEE'ed! I couldn't wait and then I surprisingly received an ARC in my inbox and I'll tell you one thing... this novella is everything I was expecting and more! 

Daniel is his usual swoony self and I loved getting to see into his head during those months while he and Aubrey were waiting for the semester to end and dealing with what they were dealing with through his words. In true Daniel fashion he starts to write down his feelings toward Aubrey when he first sees her more as a result of previous experience than in a loving way but soon enough after they realise they're destined to be together and, after speaking to his grandmother, Patty, this turns into an ode to Aubrey and a collection of love letters he writes while waiting for the end of semester when they can finally be together.

This man, honestly...

Georgina successfully weaves a beautiful set of journals and love letters that just ooze Daniel's thoughts and feelings. Weaving his words with those of some of the best romantic writers ever. I'll be honest, I totally forgot I was reading the musings of a fictional character. Yep, that's how bad I have it for this male lead...

I think Daniel might be the ultimate book boyfriend and if I could I would lean into the book and nab the man for myself! And I wanted to do that even more while reading this. 

All in all this is a great, fun read and an absolutely perfect edition to the series! If you haven't read the series I'd recommend reading that first then this! 

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