Review | Happenstance: Part 3 by Jamie McGuire (@JamieMcGuire)

18 February 2015


Publisher: Smashwords
Pages: 386

Now that Erin has learned the truth about the girls who tortured her, and about the boy she loves, she finds her time before graduation dwindling at an alarming and exciting pace. What used to be summer break was now a countdown to her final days in Blackwell. Her parents, Sam and Julianne struggle with the fear that just when they’ve found Erin, they must let her go, and the tension is higher than it’s been since Erin discovered who she really was. 

Finally with the girl he’s loved since childhood, Weston grows more desperate as the summer days pass. He and Erin will go to separate colleges. His biggest fear is that this means they’ll go their separate ways. Plagued with making the best of the time he has left with Erin, and finding a way to make it last, Weston finds himself in a different state of mind hourly. He is just beginning to realize that hope is like quicksand. The harder Weston struggles, the faster Erin sinks.

Mmm... I don't really know where I stand with the finale of this series of novellas...
I didn't love it but, equally, I didn't hate it either. All our favourite characters were there and when the book starts Erin is in her last few weeks of high school spending time with Weston and continuing to readjust to her new life with her real parents. Summer break is coming and after that she embarks on college.

Despite everything being out in the open, the bullying continues which made my heart break for Erin and even though the evil plan was no longer going to be carried out at prom by Weston someone still tried to ruin it for Erin, but Weston came to save the day. Boy, do I love Weston and I kind of felt sorry for him in this book, but I can see where Erin's issues come from and why she is the way she is with him. 

This was a well written and well thought out book, but I struggled to see what it added to the story. I saw a lot of it as filler detail and kind of unnecessary, but there were things in it I loved. Seeing how in love with Erin Weston is, seeing Erin adapt to all the love that now surrounds her and seeing her build up the courage to revisit her old life. 

I guess, I didn't really see a need for this installment, and that breaks my heart because I do genuinely love these characters and the other two books in the series. 


  1. I haven't read this serial yet, but I'm curious about the characters you mentioned. Too bad, this one sounds like a filler more than anything, though.

    1. I absolutely loved the first two but this one was just flat for me.


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