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20 November 2014

Read on to find out what I thought of the final installment in the Words series, The Truest of Words by Georgina Guthrie and how to win eBook copies of all three books in the trilogy.


With the end of term finally behind them, Aubrey and Daniel look forward to building a life together. A painful realization that they can’t truly embrace the future until they’ve come to terms with the past leads them to discover the healing potential of forgiveness and the power of unconditional love.

Like the first two books in the series, The Truest of Words is a romantic tale that blends witty banter with passion and drama.

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Before you read on please note this review does contain spoilers! 

*le sigh* Poppet and Sailor are back and better than ever *le sigh*

I guess the first thing I need to say is I could never, ever get bored of this series. I LOVE it more than I can adequately put into words. This book, the characters, the themes, the hawt scenes. It's all there...

In the third and final installment of the Words series, Daniel and Aubrey can finally begin to be a normal couple. They can go out in public without fear of reprisals or danger of Daniel's career being blown to pieces. There's a really sweet scene, where Aubrey and Daniel are sat eating together, and holding hands. You can just tell how much that simple act means to them and how much the enjoy their moment of normalcy. 

All through the book, these two were on fire, with their witty relationship and ways of communicating. Their once well used emails to each other come back with a force and I loved seeing those again! It really shows how well they know one another and can communicate like that. And let's just talk about the sex...

Oh. My.

Daniel is just...

Yea, I don't think I can articulate my feelings any better than that! There's one scene, at a family party ,where they head off and have sex against a bookshelf at Daniel's parents' house. All I can say is one thing: HAWT.

Every moment of this book was so enjoyable. I just loved it all and we finally started to get to see their relationship develop and it is beautiful to read and see unfold. They both really are perfect for each other and compliment each other. Daniel is there to support Aubrey and she supports him in return once she knows what is happening.

You see Daniel has a troubled past involving false allegations with a student when he was living in England. His emotions surrounding the subject came to a front in this final installment and the only way to confront them was head on. Daniel, for reasons he thinks are founded (and I can see where he is coming from), decides to fight this alone and head on by going straight to the source of his anguish. The girl who nearly destroyed his life. Nicola.

When the two of them are in London, he decided that in order to full move on and get on with his life he needs to talk to Nicola  and help her. This whole section of the book really shows Daniel for who he is, a genuinely caring man who just wants to help. He finds it in himself to help a girl who very nearly ended his career and I loved him even more for it.  

And while we're on false allegations, in this book there is a moment where you think Aubrey and Daniel's relationship is going to cause major issues. What is in fact going on is equally as bad. There are false allegations, but not aimed at Daniel, aimed at his father and his relationship with Aubrey. I loved how they faced this head on with Daniel's parents and beat it back to the ground and diminished the rumours. 

One of my other favourite moments in this book is when Daniel finally gets his slate wiped clean and can start the new school year without Nicola's allegations hanging over him. Not only does it mean his past can stay firmly in the past it also allows him to fix his relationship with his father.

 I also loved reading Aubrey starting to develop her career in writing and seeing Daniel's eventual support for her and her career. You could just see how much he wanted her to suceed once he got past his fear of her employer and the past he shared with Daniel's brother. Plus having Daniel going to gigs with Aubrey meant a return to Mr Hot Hobo and I'd missed him so, so much!

And then there were the final moments, where in front of every member of his family, Daniel asked Aubrey for her hand in marriage. It was spontaneous and unexpected and perfect. It just shows how far Daniel has come with Aubrey's help. He's managed to rediscover himself and he's so swoony. Oh so swoony. Plus, the ring, you could tell he knew this would happen one day because it tied in perfectly with other pieces of jewellery he had gifted Aubrey. 

Of course, this couldn't be a Words series review from me without mentioning Danie's amazing family! They are even better in this book and I loved that we got to see more of them. I loved Patty in particular and she was just a hoot to read as was Penny. In fact, they all were, I loved every single one of them and how they welcomed Aubrey to the fold with wide, open arms instantly seeing her as one of them.

I really, really did love this book and series. It has to be one of my favourite series ever and I will miss poppet and her sailor and sailor and his poppet.

I guess there's just one thing left for me to say:

*le sigh*


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