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09 April 2014

I was gifted a copy of TD Bogart's book, A Ripple Through Time by Indie Sage Promotions a few weeks ago. Read on to find out what I thought plus all you need to know about the book and TD Bogart, plus the chance to win a $50 Amazon voucher, an ecopy of the book and a leather bound adrift journal.

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What if an unspoken past finally found its voice? After inheriting a damaged painting and a handful of journals from his grandfather, Ryan, and his girlfriend Natalie, find themselves immersed in a mystery. Ryan is a third generation Naval Academy graduate and Natalie restores paintings. Together, they begin to unravel clues that lead them down a twisting path of raw emotion and vivid memories as they are taken back to the 1940′s.

This journey unveils the previously unknown world of WWII veterans Derrick and Jianna, as their relationship faces the hardships of war and the reality of sacrifice. Derrick and Jianna must learn to evolve, adding to the love they share and the strength that comes from enduring trying times of combat. While overcoming events that cripple the foundation of who they are, they must stand the test of time, and find their way back to themselves, and each other.

Through the restoration and reading old journals, Ryan and Natalie find out that they are connected through more than just their relationship with one another. They uncover an engaging and unpredictable story while experiencing historical events that bring everything full circle. The dynamic of Ryan and Natalie’s relationship brings an added twist to the tale, unearthing a sequence of events that will change their lives forever. Parallel love stories spanning two generations are linked through words and brush strokes, casting a ripple through time.

My Review:

I read A Ripple Through Time, the first book in the Adrift series by TD Bogart after being gifted an arc by IndieSage Promotions. A Ripple Through Time tells the tale of two couples in tandem, Ryan and Natalie who are together and very much in love in the modern day and Derrick and Jianna, two war veterans who fell in love just before America entered the war as a result of the Pearl Harbour attacks. 
The book opens shortly after the death of Ryan's grandfather, Derrick. Derrick has left a painting to Ryan that is in a poor state. Natalie, Ryan's girlfriend, works to restore the painting and unravel a story about Ryan's grandfather that nobody knew about.

I've never read a romance book with a historical twist to it and never one that tells the story of two couples in different time eras. It would have been extremely easy for the author to confuse the reader with the switches in the story telling, but it helped that we alternated stories in chapters opposed from jumping back and forth throughout chapters as some books I've read have. Each arc of this story ran its own distinct path and you really felt the emotions they were both going through, especially in the case of Derrick and Jianna, their story was so powerful and really brought home how new couples felt at the outbreak of war and not knowing by the end if they would still be together or ripped apart by the consequences of war. 

This story really struck a cord with me, I loved feeling all the emotions the characters felt and it made me laugh and cry. There were some really heartwarming and tender moments in this book, one of my favourite being Ryan's proposal, it was so sweet and perfect for the two of them. 

Another thing I loved was how some of the chapters reflected each other's experiences, so you read Ryan and Natalie's proposal and then you read Derrick and Jianna's. It was great seeing what they had in common and what was different. 

And then there was the ending, both couples had my heart in my mouth and I was praying they would both be okay and be together. I couldn't put the book down until I found out they were okay and going to be together. 

I guess my main reason for not given the book five stars is that the prose sometimes got a bit confused. At points you couldn't tell right off who was speaking as it wasn't so clear but aside from that I loved this book and I can't wait to read its sequel when it's released. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about this book and its author, TD Bogart.

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In my almost twenty six years on this planet, I have endured more than most would ever dream of. These experiences have fueled my writing. I’ve created a fictional setting with characters that live out elements of my life that I felt compelled to share.

I have a creative mind and an artistic spirit, and I thrive when there are elements of imaginative spark. My fur babies are my children, and I am an advocate for those that have special needs. I’m a proud Navy wife, and a forever student, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a certification in project management. Being a military wife is a gift; an adventure on its own. So grab a blanket, a steaming cup of tea, and enjoy this journey with me!


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  1. Thank you for posting such a lovely review. I am really glad that you loved my book. It means a lot to read such awesome thoughts n how you view the book, and also thank you for the feedback as well! <3 -T.D. Bogart


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