20 January 2013

After avidly reading for the last few years and always reviewing books in my mind after I've read them I've decided to launch my own review site. On this site you'll find written reviews for the books I read in my spare time.

I will always be honest with my reviews and I look forward to getting to know the people who visit this site. In the future I'd like to do giveaways so stay tuned for those.

Thanks for taking a look and keep an eye out for my first review very soon.


  1. Welcome to the madness! Looking forward to reading your reviews. :) Holla, if you need anything.

  2. Congrats on your new site! :)

  3. I'm here. Stalking you. And, felt like I should get back to my own booksite too. I'm lazy. LOL

  4. Hi! Like you I'm also a new blogger. It's so nice to talk about books and meet new people, right? Especially those who also love reading. :)


Thanks so much for your comment and support :)