Cover Reveal | In Every Way by Amy Sparling (@Amy_Sparling)

31 August 2016

Today is the cover reveal for In Every Way by Amy Sparling. This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. Read on the find out all you need to know about the book and view its stunning cover! 

In Every Way

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age category: Young Adult

Release Date: 13 September 2016


It’s the start of summer and Josh Graham will be working at his parent’s surf shop. When his best friend Colby goes on vacation, Josh is stuck working with Bryce—and all of Bryce’s terrible ideas for summer. They make a list of what the “perfect girlfriend” would be like, and now they plan to find her. It shouldn’t be too hard, since Josh is one of the hottest, most popular guys in school. Right?

Bess Navarre would rather read a book than go outside. She’s chubby, dorky, and a self-proclaimed loser. But when her grandmother volunteers her to work at a jewelry kiosk on the beach, Bess has to comply, no matter how humiliating it is. Bikinis and Bess do not go together, and now she feels even dorkier than ever.

When Bess and Josh’s paths collide, sparks fly. But it won’t be that easy. Bryce wants Josh to date a supermodel. And although Bess might just fit all of the things on Josh’s list, she won’t give herself a chance to figure it out.

You can find In Every Way on Goodreads

Amy Sparling

About the Author:

Amy Sparling is the author of The Summer Unplugged Series, Deadbeat & other awesome books for younger teens. She lives in Texas and has an addiction to sparkly nail polish, taking photos of her cute dog, and swooning over book boyfriends.


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Release Blitz & Two Giveaways | Booty Camp Dating Service by Debra Anastasia (@Debra_Anastasia)

29 August 2016

Today Booty Camp Dating Service is released. Read on to find out all you need to know about the book and enter not one but two giveaways! 
Tour of Booty banner.jpg

Booty Camp Dating Service eCover Final.jpg

Booty Camp Dating Service is a wildly successful matchmaking company. The twist? Well, Wolf Saber --who inherited his gift-- is NEVER wrong when he matches people. It’s a gift passed down from his grandmother to his mother to him.

He’s sexy but stays behind the scenes, letting his buddy Chance do all the talking while he matches the clients at parties and events. Booty Camp Dating Service travels the country, and nine months after they leave the city there’s always a flurry of weddings and an accompanying baby boom. Booty Camp claims that clients will be 110% satisfied and they deliver on that promise every single time.

Except Wolf refuses to deliver on that guarantee for himself. He doesn’t find love until Hazel Lavender’s best friend pushes her through his front door. Now all he wants to do is make sure Hazel is 110% satisfied…in his bed. Which, ironically, would break the very rules Wolf demands of his employees--no dating clients, ever.

So instead, Wolf and Hazel fight. And kiss. And fight some more.

Will Wolf’s own rules make him the very first Booty Camp Happily Never After? (Book Camp Dating Service is a STAND ALONE!)

TOB Excerpt Booty.jpg

Wolf decided that he would watch Hazel get on the elevator since she was not making any attempt to come open the door for him. And then a couple came up behind him.

“There’s your ex! Holy crap, she looks wasted. How sad. Can you feel me up in front of her again? I love to watch her change colors. She goes all green.”

The man, who looked like a Ken doll come to life, pulled out a key card and tapped it on the device to open the door.

“Sure thing, baby. I love your mean streak.”

As they entered the building, Wolf watched as Hazel’s eyes found the loud couple.

They were fawning all over each other.

The defeat in Hazel’s posture made Wolf grab the door before it closed and locked him out.

Her eyes looked moist before she aimed her gaze toward the floor. The two idiots were play acting their parts to make her extra miserable.

Wolf planned on regretting later what he was going to do now. She might even have him arrested for it, but he pushed the Ken doll out of the way like he was dying of thirst and Hazel was a glass of water.

She was surprised when she looked up to see him stalking her. She looked over her shoulder, saw only the wall, and turned back to him.

Wolf snaked one arm around her waist and slid his other arm behind her neck. Her grabbed a fistful of her brown hair and used it to guide her mouth to his.

He kissed the living hell out of her.

At first she was tense and unmoving. But he refused to let it stop him. The elevator’s bell sounded as the doors opened.

When Ken doll and mean slut tried to step on to it, Wolf held out his arm out to block them.

He hefted Hazel, and she took the hint, hopping up and straddling him, koala style. He never stopped kissing her. Well, now she was kissing him while he used his arm to bar the others from the elevator.

The mean slut muttered, “That’s some damn kiss.”

Line up readers, your Booty Camp date is waiting...

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Booty Author TOB.jpg

Debra writes stories mostly in her pajamas with her hairy coworks (dogs and a cat) to keep her company. Comedy, New Adult, Paranormal and Angst stories fill up her hard drive. A lot of her time is spent in the mom carpool lane. Debra has been married for 19 years to her favorite guy. She loves to laugh at her own farts in the morning and can be found on Facebook and Twitter being an idiot. She'll hug you if she ever meets you and will most likely smell like cotton candy when she does it.

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Review | A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire (@JamieMcGuire)

28 August 2016


Pages: 238

Losing has never been easy for a Maddox, but death always wins.

Eleven years to the day after eloping in Vegas with Abby, Special Agent Travis Maddox delivers his own brand of vigilante justice to mob boss Benny Carlisi. Vegas's oldest and most violent crime family is now preparing for vengeance, and the entire Maddox family is a target.

The secret Thomas and Travis have kept for a decade will be revealed to the rest of the family, and for the first time the Maddoxes will be at odds. While none of them are strangers to loss, the family has grown, and the risk is higher than ever. With brothers against brothers and wives taking sides, each member will make a choice—let the fear tear them apart, or make them stronger.

I LOVE the Maddox brothers series, I love all the boys to death and I have always loved Travis the most seeing as he's the first Maddox brother we met and he has always been the brother I have loved the most and enjoyed reading. So when I heard Jamie was releasing a new book from the series I was excited and even more so when I found out we would be hearing from all the brothers and all the wives. 

I knew to expect heartbreak given the title and this book didn't take the turn I was expecting which I loved. I thought the funeral would be at the beginning then we would see the fall out but it wasn't that way. I loved the premises and, for the most part, how it was executed. Just like all the other books in the series, I couldn't put it down. This book gave us a glimpse of the family and how they had grown and it helped bring to an end the secrets some of the brothers had been keeping from their family. 

I guess the thing for me that stops me giving this book five stars is the ending. In one way I was expecting part of what happened, it was inevitable and I had a feeling all through the book that it would happen but someone else goes down in the cross fire and I can't help but feel it was unnecessary. I honestly had my own theory about this character and where the story would go. I was hoping we would get a spin off because their story, out of all the Maddoxes and their extended family, felt a little incomplete to me.

I want to give this book five stars just because of the Maddox brothers because they are AMAZING. We see so much of them and they interact so much during this book, there's a scene near the end, when they are all together, that made me remember why I fell in love with them in the first place and all over again reading this. I will most definitely miss these boys (or rather men as they are now)! 

For me, it is the last 20% (aside from the very last chapter! That got me right in the feels and I loved reading that) or so of the book that really let me down and I would have loved to have seen a little bit more at the end but seeing all the boys again is why I am still giving this book four stars. 

I love them and they saved this book for me, seeing them as husbands and father's after all this time was awesome and I loved how Jamie threw in some troubles (nothing too major - don't worry!) that meant each couple had its own struggles. Oh and before I go, I just have to say how awesome Abby and America are in this book, I loved them both and America has some great lines in there, including this gem when her and Shepley's kids plus a few of their cousins are playing up in the car causing America to give Shepley a dirty look:
"That is your DNA back there. It's your fault" 
There is no doubt I will miss new books in this series but I'm glad we got to see the boys and their families one last time. Travis will always be one of my favourite book boyfriends! 

Teaser | Dirty Talk by S. L. Scott (@slscottauthor)

Because first love deserves a second chance
 Standalone Contemporary Romance

You met Danny's best friend, Luke Anders in Models on Top. Now it's time to really get to know this dirty talking, sexy producer in his own standalone contemporary romance.

Dirty Talk will release on September 1st. 
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Cover Reveal | Rhapsody by Cecilia London (@authorclondon)

22 August 2016

Read on the see the cover for Rhapsody, the fifth book in the Bellator Saga! I cannot tell you how much I love this cover and this series. I'm currently reading my ARC of the book and my review will be up in a few weeks!

Rhapsody Coming Soon FB 3
Book Info:

Title: Rhapsody Book #5 in The Bellator Saga
Author: Cecilia London
Release: September 13th
Cover Artist: S.K. Hartly with Luminos Graphic House



"I'm never going to stop loving you, Caroline. It's just not possible."

Major Caroline Gerard returns from a dangerous mission battered and bruised. Terrified to confront the emotional and physical gap between her and her husband, she's determined to do whatever it takes to avoid reality. 

Commander Jack McIntyre has been tasked with saving American democracy, but he has to save his marriage first. He's desperate to regain the passionate connection that he and his wife once shared. And a man on a mission will sacrifice anything to succeed.

In the meantime, the rebellion is in need of a catalyst to spur international action to stop President Santos’ increasingly unstable behavior. As Caroline and Jack repair their hearts, each day brings new secrets and new challenges, and a revelation that could shatter everything they thought was true.

Rhapsody is the fifth book in The Bellator Saga. It should be read after the first four books in the series.


Pre-Order Today:

itunes    barnes and noble    kobo


Want an opportunity to win the first four books in the series?

Head over to Cecilia's Author page today for a chance to win books 1-4 in the series!


About the Author:


Cecilia London is the pen name of a native Illinoisan currently living in San Antonio, Texas. She's filled several roles over the course of her adult life - licensed attorney, wrangler of small children, and obsessed baseball fan, among others. An extroverted introvert with a serious social media addiction, she is the author of The Bellator Saga, an epic, genre-crossing romance series. You can catch all of her quirky updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or at her website.

Connect with the Author:



Did you catch the sale of Books 1 - 3 in the series?

Sale ends TODAY!

Bellator Saga Sale Graphic

Buy Links:




Rising Democratic star Caroline Gerard is reluctant to fall in love again after losing her husband. Can Republican playboy Jack McIntyre break through her grief and capture her heart? Told mostly in flashback and set against a chilling fascist backdrop, Dissident is a rollercoaster ride of political intrigue, passionate romance, and undying love.


Caroline faces the biggest challenge of her life when confronted with the cruelty and sadism of her captors at The Fed. Hope fades quickly, even as she holds onto her one last bit of sanity and her unshakable belief that her husband will rescue her. But is that faith just a mirage?


Reeling from her experiences at The Fed, Caroline tries to forge ahead and create a new identity. But that's hard to do with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear. She is determined to find the rebellion and move on with her life, but what will she find when she arrives there?

BC frontMOO

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