Release Blitz | Kiss Me I'm Irish by Bee Stevens (@beestevensauth)

15 March 2017

Today I am taking part in the release blitz for Bee Stevens debut, Kiss Me I'm Irish! Read on to find out all you need to know about the book and keep an eye out for my review!


Ireland calls to Hailey’s soul like an emerald siren. Her past is inextricably linked to this small island.

Cillian is a jack of all trades with a musician’s restless soul. He loves his country - the history, the landscapes, the people and the traditions - but is it his forever home?

With his Irish charm, his silken tongue and the weird effect he has on her nipples, Hailey struggles to resist.

Discovering the romance of the Irish countryside has its own passionate side-effects.

Can an American tourist intent on being independent keep up with a wild Irish rover with more issues than National Geographic? And will Cillian’s heart follow Hailey no matter where she lands?

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The t-shirt was smaller and more fitted than I would normally be comfortable with, but I went with it. Checking myself out in the locker room mirror, I took a deep breath. The shirt highlighted my curves nicely. My boobs looked bigger. Cillian would appreciate…


Shaking my head to clear my deviant thoughts, I went to find Cillian. Yeah, ‘cause that will clear your head of deviant thoughts—not!

I quietly opened the door to the kitchen. He had his back turned to me as he was layering some cold meats onto slices of bread. My eyes roved over him of their own accord. His head was bowed as he worked and I could see the sinewy muscles in his back move under his green t-shirt. My eyes dropped to his ass, covered in dark blue jeans, and I tilted my head and bit my lip as I blatantly took in the delectable ass. Pervert! I snapped myself out if it—again—and cleared my throat. Cillian whirled around at the noise.

The front is even better than the back! There is no hope for me.

Holding a butter knife mid-air, he stared at me open-mouthed, and he was blushing! The reason for his blush became the reason for my blush. We were wearing the same t-shirt. I knew that because we were all wearing the same one today, but on Cillian, it just looked different. It looks hot!

He still hadn’t said anything as I walked toward him. He held my gaze as I got closer...and closer. What are you doing, Hailey? Stop! No! I stopped directly in front of him. Making a point of checking out the wording on his t-shirt again and the expanse of his muscled chest underneath it, I leaned up on my tiptoes and planted a swift kiss on his soft lips. Shocked, he leaned back against the counter and dropped the butter knife.

“What...what was that for?” he asked, confusion marring his beautiful face.

“Just following instructions,” I replied, winking at him.

“What?” He seemed too stunned to comprehend what I was saying to him.

Reaching out, I ran a finger across the wording on his chest, which was imprinted above big, glittery red lips. I had not failed to notice the hard muscles underneath as they twitched at my touch.

“See here. It says, ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’. I was just following instructions.”

He smiled darkly at me as he recovered. My breath hitched. I could almost see the machinations of his mind as his eyes focused and his pupils darkened. A lock of his hair had fallen forward onto his forehead and my fingers itched to brush it off his beautiful face.

“Well,” he started, “you’re wearing the same shirt. Maybe I should reciprocate?”

“Ah, if only I were Irish. Alas!” I was distinctly aware of a weakening in my knees, so I was amazed at the steadiness of my voice.

“On behalf of my nation, I grant you citizenship. Besides, it’s Paddy’s day, the whole world is honorary Irish today.”

Oh shit!

Taking a deep breath, Cillian stood up straighter. He towered over me as my eyes followed his movements. I took a step back. He took a step forward. I gulped. He smirked. All my bravado had vanished. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. He raised a hand and moved my hair behind my ear. His touch against my skin set off a series of sensations threatening to overtake me and my ability to breathe properly.

Run! Stay! Run! Stay! Good idea! Bad, bad thoughts!

I squirmed as the bad thoughts sent waves of lust from my cerebral cortex directly to that special place in the pit of my abdomen. Cillian bowed his head slightly. His pupils dilated and his tongue darted out, wetting his lips. My breath stuttered in my throat before cutting off completely. Someone should check my pulse ‘cause I’m sure it’s faulty. My eyes watched as his lips got closer.

About the Author:

Born and raised in a sleepy village in North County Dublin, Bee Stevens only ventured outside of it in her imagination. If you asked her as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have said Journalist. That changed several times over the years, but her dream was always to write, in one form or another. Bee published several short-stories in an in-flight magazine for an airline she worked for but never pursued it outside of her daily routine. When illness changed her daily routine without much preamble, she found being stuck at home was the kick in the arse she needed to finally write the book lurking within her. These days, though she has ventured further afield, Bee can still be found in the slightly less sleepy, but still small village, with a cup of tea in her hand and a dog on her lap, as she tries to type around the ball of fluff who rarely leaves her side.

Cover Reveal | Stars Over Castle Hill by Samantha Young (@AuthorSamYoung)

28 February 2017

Today, I am super excited to be taking part in the cover reveal for Stars Over Castle Hill, a novella in the On Dublin Street which considers an alternative reality for the couple who kicked off the On Dublin Street series, Braden and Joss! 

Stars Over Castle Hill was originally sent to those who pre-ordered the first book in Samantha's new series but it is now being released for all to enjoy. I read the book a few weeks ago and loved it. You can read my review here and view the cover plus find out all you need to know about the book below! 


Cover Design: Samantha Young
Stock photos provided by Deposit Photos: © Konradbak & © StockCube
Release Date: March 30th 2017 in ebook on most e-retailer platforms (incl. Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, BN and Google Play)

Book will go live on all platforms day of release.


Joss and Braden Carmichael are blissfully married living in their townhouse on Dublin Street with their two beautiful children. It’s a life Joss never expected to have, and one she’s grateful for every day.

But… what if she never met Braden and Ellie Carmichael on that fateful day when she was only twenty-two years old?

When Joss is asked to write a story about how her life might have turned out if a pivotal moment in it never happened, she thinks of the day she met both Braden and Ellie Carmichael. If she had never met them where might she have ended up? Joss believes no matter where life may have taken her it would have inevitably led her to Braden. But what if she was thirty instead of twenty-two when they met? How would she have felt about risking her heart then?

And even if she was older and wiser and ready to fall madly in love, what if too much had happened to Braden to make him the man that would risk his heart to save hers?

Will time be their enemy… or is it possible that two souls are meant for one another in any reality?

Stars Over Castle Hill is an alternate reality novella of a romance that captured the hearts of readers all over the world. Joss and Braden are back with a story that is just as emotional, passionate and sexy as their first!

Haven’t read Joss & Braden’s story from the beginning? On Dublin Street, the #1 international bestseller, from Berkley Romance. 

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Review | Every Little Thing by Samantha Young (@AuthorSamYoung)

27 February 2017


Publisher: Berkley Romance
Pages: 352

Hartwell, Delaware—the perfect place to get away from it all, and find what you never knew you needed…

Bailey Hartwell has many reasons to feel content—her successful business, a close circle of friends, and her steady boyfriend…even if their romance feels staid after ten years without a serious commitment. The only challenge in her life comes in the form of sexy businessman Vaughn Tremaine. She thinks the ex-New Yorker acts superior and that he considers her a small-town nobody. But when Bailey’s blindsided by a betrayal, she’s shocked to discover Vaughn is actually a decent guy.

Vaughn admires Bailey’s free spirit, independence, and loyalty. As his passion for her has grown, his antagonism toward her has only worsened. Every little thing Bailey does seduces him. But when Vaughn’s painful emotional past makes him walk away in fear he will hurt her, it opens an old wound in Bailey, and she uncharacteristically retreats.

Once Vaughn begins to realize he’s made the biggest mistake of his life, he has no choice but to fight like he’s never fought before to convince Bailey that the love they’ve found together only comes around once in a lifetime.

So, anyone who knows me and knows this blog knows I adore Samantha Young's books and her latest release is no different. I was lucky enough to be approved for an ARC of Every Little Thing which continues Samantha's Hart's Broadwalk series, the first book in the series followed Jessica and Cooper's relationship and, those of you who have read it, will remember Bailey Hartwell, the owner of the local inn and Vaughn Tremaine, the wealthy business owner who seemed to hate each other but who we all secretly knew had feelings for each other. 

When Every Little Thing opens Bailey is still with her boyfriend of ten years, Tom and is coasting through life with him feeling like things aren't going well so she decides to try spice up their relationship and makes a shocking discovery when she surprises him at his apartment one evening. 

What follows is a monumental game of cat and mouse. If there's one thing Samantha knows how to write, it is unresolved sexual tension and this book has it in spades. From the moment you read Vaughn and Bailey's first interaction post her discovery you can feel the UST between them. I loved these two and it is so plain to see they are made for one another. Oh and all I am saying is just wait for the cinema scene. Oh. My. Word... Hot doesn't even start to cover it...

One of my favourite things about this book is we get to see another side to Vaughn. In the first book, I didn't like him very much and this book completely changes my outlook of him. He really is lovely and sweet despite his tough, hard exterior. He wants the best for Bailey and once they admit their attraction he is just perfection. He always has her back and boy does she need it when her sister rocks into town! He is there for her 100% and I loved that about him and it is just what she needed even if sometimes she doesn't realise it.

My favourite thing about these books is the sense of community you get reading them. All of my favourites are back in this and I was reminded of how much I love them all. It's not just that but you can tell reading this that community means everything to Bailey. She is a member of the founding family and you can really see that in everything she does and how protective she is of the Broadwalk, that her inn, and the businesses of the locals are on. She is the fire of the town and will fiercely protect its inhabitants from the likes of the Devlin's to the best of her ability. 

Oh and can I just take a moment to talk about those pesky Devlin's?! I cannot wait for them to disappear off the face of the earth. Seriously! This family! As you know from the first book, they are desperate to get their hands on some Broadwalk real estate, in the last book they went after Cooper's bar, in this one, they have their sights set on Bailey's inn and they really are despicable! I really want them to get their ultimate just desserts but the ending they got in this book will do for now, I loved reading every moment of it and cheered Bailey on as it unfolded.

All in all, Every Little Thing is a great addition to this series and I cannot wait to see where this story goes and I really, really hope the next story we get is Emery's because she has me really intrigued and I would love to know more about her and her backstory! 

Release Blitz & Review | Triumph by Cecilia London (@authorclondon)

06 February 2017

So, today is the day! Triumph, the epic finale in The Bellator Saga is released and oh my, are you in for a treat! Read on to find out all you need to know about the book and read my review. 


About the Book:

“All of your ideals, your hopes and dreams…they cease to matter if you abandon them in your darkest hour. We have to see this through to the end.”

Jack McIntyre and Caroline Gerard have never shied away from a challenge. As dual commanders of the American rebel forces, they now face the greatest adversity of their lives. Every decision has permanent consequences. Relationships are tested and restored. Hard truths come to light. When the reality of their situation finally hits them, there is one thing they know for certain.

No sacrifice is too great for love.



As is the case with any of Cecilia's book I review, pre-warning: I will fangirl. A. LOT.

Where do I even start?! I honestly don't even know. I have so much to say about this book, this series and these wonderful characters I have been rooting for since Cecilia first contacted me about these books three years ago. I guess I will have to start from the beginning and work my way through. I will try my hardest to keep this spoiler free but I don't know how much luck I will have so pre-warning: I may spoil some parts of the book...

So, book five ended with a MASSIVE cliffhanger and my god was it an AMAZING one. It wasn't evil like every other one and it was something I had been hoping and hoping and hoping would be true, that Mo and Feef, Caroline and Jack's children, were in fact, alive and well in Canada!!! Cue all the squee'ing at that! 

Triumph opens immediately where we left in Rhapsody with that massive bombshell and what follows is the starting point for all kinds of awesome in this book. Caroline has one of her captors in custody who reveals the massive bombshell and tries to bargain with Caroline who is planning, with Jack and the other rebel leaders, to head to the Hague to set the wheels in motion to get America back and overthrow Santos. 

I loved reading the first few chapters of this book, there was so much hope for the future and lots of Jack and Caroline doing what they do best, being together. My god, one of the early chapters is one of the hottest I have ever read and it reminded me of better times in these books. Them just being them in a slightly different way given what Caroline went through at The Fed was great to read. 

I fell a little more in love with Jack in this one. He is just so lovely and caring. He has a genuine heart of gold and would do anything to keep Caroline happy but he is still level-headed when it comes to the girls, not really truly believing they were alive until he had concrete evidence. Always the level headed one. I resembled this whenever he was around:

And then, then there is the whole issue of the Hague and what went down there. It ripped me apart imagining Caroline having to relive her hell but that hell was fought through with Jack and they had each other to get through it as well as Jones, Gig and Crunch who I utterly adore still. They are just all kinds of amazing and every time they were in this book I cheered them on. 

And then AND FREAKING THEN, we get to Canada! OMG! Canada! Where do I even begin?! The moment I have been waiting for since the first book was upon us. A reunion. Not just with the girls but with Chrissy, Caroline's best friend. I was so, so, so happy she survived and had kept her promise to keep the girls safe. Their reunion was amazing and I loved reading it, seeing them together again felt like a reward for all the rubbish they had been through. Although, all this paled in comparison to the reunion with Mo and Feef. That was just all kinds of amazing. There were tears and there was anger but to see them all in the same room together was just all kinds of awesome and my heart went out to them all. That reunion felt so real and raw and I was glad Cecilia didn't go down the sappy route completely. She made sure there was some anger in there and I was glad for that. We needed that in there to make it seem more real. 

Oh but the icing on the cake for me and Canada? Murdock. Oh Murdock getting his just desserts was right up there. Murdock was one of Caroline's more sadistic torturer's at The Fed and I could not wait for him to get his comeuppance. Oh and boy did he, it had transpired that he had been among Chrissy and Caroline's kids which made my blood boil (never mind Jack's!) and it finally caught up with him. There was a warrant for his arrest and our rebels damn well made sure he got caught. Jack, Caroline, Chrissy, Gig, Crunch and Jones were all there when it went down and I was so happy for that. They all got to see it and be there and I love Cecilia for that. She also gave us one of the best lines in the book during that scene:
"Think of the shoes"
Epic. Line. Of course, this is all leading to one thing: Santos' overthrow and the return to the America Caroline and Jack and all the rebels sorely miss. I wanted to take my time reading this part of the book but I was so scared and I had to know how it would all go down and boy it didn't disappoint! Cecilia did an amazing job of ending this series in the best way possible and I loved that they were all there at the end to see it happen. It seemed fitting that as the final act closed it should involve all the characters I have come to love. 

I can't leave this review without mentioning the epilogue. I was so happy reading that and seeing what was going on and the Christmas present Jack gets from the girls was just so amazing! I loved it and I loved seeing these characters so happy after all they had been through together. I was really scared at one point in this book but it all came good in the end! I have never been happier at an ending and it really was perfection.

Cecilia really has created an amazing world with this series and an amazing set of books. You feel like you've been on an epic journey reading them and I am so glad Cecilia sent me that email all those years ago! I am also truly wowed and humbled that she mentioned me in the acknowledgements so I have to say thank you to her. Thank you for sharing these characters with not just me but all your readers, thank you for the mention in your acknowledgements and for bringing these amazing characters to life.

Buy Links:






Head to Cecilia's LIKE page to enter her release day giveaway! Twseparatete giveaways, one for the US and one for international readers.

About the Author:


Cecilia London is the pen name of a native Illinoisan currently living in San Antonio, Texas. She's filled several roles over the course of her adult life - licensed attorney, wrangler of small children, and obsessed baseball fan, among others. An extroverted introvert with a serious social media addiction, she is the author of The Bellator Saga, an epic, genre-crossing romance series. You can catch all of her quirky updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or at her website.




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Book Blitz | The Magician's Workshop: Volume One by Hansen Fehr (@HansenFehr)

04 February 2017

Today I am sharing a book blitz for The Magician's Workshop by Christopher Hansen and J. R. Fehr, a YA fantasy and coming of age book that is sure to be popular amongst fantasy readers! Read on to see the cover and find out all you need to know about the book, its authors and where you can buy a copy.

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Coming of Age
Publisher: Wondertale
Pages: 247

Everyone in the islands of O’Ceea has a magical ability: whatever they imagine can be brought into existence. Whoever becomes a master over these powers is granted the title of magician and is given fame, power, riches, and glory. This volume of books follows the journey of a group of kids as they strive to rise to the top and become members of the Magician’s Workshop.

Layauna desperately wants to create beautiful things with her magical powers, but all she can seem to do is make horrible, savage monsters. For years she has tried to hide her creations, but when her power is at last discovered by a great magician, she realizes that what she’s tried to hide might actually be of tremendous value.

Kai just wants to use his powers to have fun and play with his friends. Unfortunately, nearly everyone on his island sees him as a bad influence, so he’s forced to meet them in secret. When one of the creatures they create gets out of control and starts flinging fireballs at their town, Kai is tempted to believe that he is as nefarious as people say. However, his prospects change when two mysterious visitors arrive, praising his ability and making extraordinary promises about his future.

Follow the adventures of Kai, Layauna, and a boatload of other characters as they struggle to grow up well in this fantastical world.

Buy Links:
Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon US

About the Authors:

Christopher Hansen:
The first glimmering Chris Hansen had that there was far more to reality than he had ever imagined occurred six days after his ninth birthday.

“Christopher!” cried a wise, old sage. “Life is full of deep magic. Miraculous things happen all the time and all around us, if you know where to look for them.”

Full of expectation and childlike optimism, Chris began searching for this magic, prepared to be surprised and amazed by it. And he was: he found Wonder! Now he’s chosen to write stories about it.

J. R. Fehr:
When J.R. Fehr popped out of the womb, he knew there was more to the world than the four boring hospital walls that he was seeing. “Zango!” his newborn mind exclaimed as he saw people appear and disappear through a mysterious portal in the wall. As a child he found life wowtazzling, but as he grew older the cold water of reality hit him, and the magic he once knew vanished. After spending some wet and shivering years lost in a joyless wasteland, he once again began to see magic in the world. He writes because the Wonder of true life is far grander than anything he ever thought possible.

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